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Promotions and Amendments effective Thursday 1st February 2024

Argo Conditioning Cubes and Conditioning Mix  Less £1.00

TopSpec Ulsa Kind Cubes  Less  £2.00   Equerry Conditioning Mash   Less £2.00

VetSpec Omega 3 Joint Mobility Dog Food  12kg and 2kg  Less 25%

D & H Build Up Mix  Less £2.00      D & H Slim Down   Less  £2.00

Baileys 15 Senior Mix  Less £2.00    Horslyx Smallholder  5kg  Less  £1.00

Skinners Muesli Mix and Working 23  Less £1.50

Burgess SupaDog Adult (Beef & Chicken) and Active   Less 20%

Price Increases

Autarky, Burgess and Chudleys.  VetSpec Working 22% and 25%

EquiGlow, Kitti Dri, Stablyx 5kg and Minis  -  Saracen EquiJewel

Orders of less than 50 items cannot be processed

 Please do not use this service for any add ons as these cannot be guaranteed if your order has already been picked. 

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