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Prices continue to rise on an unprecedented scale from many of our Suppliers

Please be aware as of Monday 2nd May 2022, the following products/suppliers 

will have significant price increases applied to their products.

Please watch our Portal and / or keep in touch with our Staff for these details.

Bran, Dengie, Dodson & Horrell, British Horse Feeds, Equerry Horse Feeds, Spillers,

Baileys, Allen & Page, Thunderbrook, Top Spec Feeds and Supplements, Equilage, 

Rowen Barbary, Dr John's Dog Foods, Burgess Dog, Cat and Pet Foods.

Orders of less than 50 items cannot be processed

 Please do not use this service for any add on's as these cannot be guaranteed if your order has already been picked. 

DENGIE PALLETS - from 04.01.2022 all Dengie Pallets will be charged at £17.50+ VAT and credited upon their return.

SPILLERS PALLETS - from 17.01.2022 the price charged for Spillers Pallets will increase to £20 +VAT.

We do not currently charge for any other pallets, however, we do require these returning as they are a large cost.

Your price list indicates your minimum order size and we would ask you to adhere to this.


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